Our local property market was, to say the least, subdued during the run-up to Christmas 2018.  So unlike December 2017, when we experienced record sales for that month, nothing had changed, it was yet another December.  One difference, the current Brexit indecision.

We are now well and truly embroiled into 2019.  That political indecision remains and yet the market seems to have come to life, which is both confusing and a relief.  There is another pleasing change, in that new client/applicants seem to be genuinely intent on a purchase or a sale rather than many being indecisive.

Property prices fluctuate both upwards and downwards (mainly upwards thankfully for most) but in the short-term, with less potential transactions taking pace, given time, property values are likely to decline.  For those that were intending to move this year, it may be prudent not to wait for political change or finer weather before marketing your home.  Once a purchaser has been found, and the conveyancing has taken place through to completion and possibly after a short spell in temporary accommodation, you are likely to experience keener purchase prices and will be in a better purchasing position; that leads to potential increased power of negotiation.  Financially better all round and a less stressful move.

So, 2019 could actually become quite promising with a greater percentage of more genuine, purposeful transactions and less abortive transactions i.e. less stressful moves.  Hooray to that!!!  Stay positive.