The simultaneous combination of Brexit indecision and Christmas is not a healthy mix to the estate agency business!  We have plenty of existing property sales to see through (everyone wanting to be in their new property by Christmas - no pressure), however the quantity of fresh property instructions and the level of enquiries and viewings has decreased substantially in recent weeks.  After such an active year too.


With decreased activity in the housing market, more realistic property prices become a necessity.  This may not, in the short term, please those that are selling their homes but compensation is likely to come when purchasing the new abode.  When requesting a valuation on your home, watch out for the unscrupulous agents that attempt to attract your business with higher valuations and low fees.  Instructing such an agent will almost certainly prolong your marketiing period and may result in many failed attempts at purchasing an onward tempting property.


On a more cheerful note, 2018 proved to be an extremely successful year for us at Dixon Vince.  With demand outstripping supply and a superb marketing strategy, Dixon Vince topped the local agency list by agreeing sales on 86% of our stock according to Rightmove.  This must surely be a most important factor for those deciding which agency to instruct.  Our formula for selling a property has become terrifically effective.  we combine this with having the ability to maintain close communication with each of our clients.  This reduces the stress factor when moving home and is much appreciated by those that have experienced our service.


Who knows what 2019 will bring?  For those that have been thinking of moving home, do not be put off.  With sensible pricing, good marketing and judicious negotiating, success will ensue. whatever the political climate.  The time to move home is when it is personally right for you, not waiting for the snow to clear or the economy to shine.  At Dixon Vince, we will be there for you when your personal circumstances dictate that you are ready.


To those reading this blog, try not to think too much about the serious business of moving home over the coming weeks.  Enjoy the seasonal celebrations and we look forward to seeing you in the New Year.